Hear Me Out

Hi and welcome to The Chic Conversationalist! Let me start by saying that I love a good conversation. And that I’m a talkaholic. A real one. None of that surface conversation stuff. I love to get to know people and dig deep. Now, I know that you’re thinking, “Oh, she’s a gabber,” and that’s true. But I can’t help it! I love people and I looooove stories (I’m a writer so, duh!) and it’s no wonder that I was moved to create a space where I could do the things I loved: love on people, listen to people, and share my experiences.

I grew up in sunny Southern California, the product of God’s grace and an amazing mom and have racked up several strong life experiences of my own that, for a long time, I was unwilling to share. Maybe even too ashamed to. Thankfully, I’ve grown from those experiences but am just now learning that our life experiences must be shared with others. So, I’m willing to talk about them. Let’s have a conversation.

It’s my hope that The Chic Conversationalist uplifts and informs, creating a place for continued conversations and inspiration.

Blessings! Xo,